Career Quest Cards

24 Cards with over 30 Exercises!

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Pick a card, any card and you are one step closer to finding work that’s right for you!

Play with the cards by shuffling and selecting any card. Spend ten or fifteen minutes doing the exercises and discover more about your values, interests, skills. You will gain insights for finding a satisfying career.

Career Quest Cards are portable, compact, affordable, practical and thought provoking. These cards will make it easier and more fun for you to find fulfillment in your current work or in your next career move.

The cards combine the best of current career search information gleaned from the most experienced career guidance counselors. The reflective questions make it easy to discover what career move to make next.


Career coaches and counselors, career development professionals and outplacement consultants, as well as high school guidance counselors and advisors can also utilize the CAREER QUEST CARDS TM© in working with their students or clients. The brochure in the package of cards includes suggestions for using the exercises interactively with individuals or organizing workshops where people work together as partners or in small groups.  Young people in particular may find the colorful cards more fun than reading a book about career development.

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The cards are color-coded in five categories, allowing you the flexibility to work with them randomly or use them in a sequence that suits your own learning style.

You are encouraged to keep a journal to track the discoveries that you make about your values and preferences in the process of doing the exercises.

Packaged in a convenient, portable 4½-by-6-inch clear plastic box, the set of 24 CAREER QUEST CARDS TM© provides a distillation of 30 key exercises.

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