“Champion Your Career” Gets Another 5-Star Review

Winning in the World of Work is one of the best. July 6, 2016
By John Lederer

This review is from: “Champion Your Career: Winning in the World of Work” (Paperback)

As a dean at a public community college, I have seen many career guidance books, but Halimah Bellows’ “Champion Your Career: Winning in the World of Work” is one of the best. She takes a very simple and intuitive idea–that happiness and success comes from following your passion–and turns it into an effective strategy for organizing your life. Furthermore, she provides simple tools, resources and strategies for helping the reader discover their skills, talents, and interests, and then translates that information into career choices. Finally, once a target occupation is identified, Ms. Bellows provides effective strategies for career development and success. This book is a great resource for any recent high school graduates or adult student seeking to find their vocational passion.

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