Another 5-Star Review for “Champion Your Career”

“Champion Your Career” is itself a champion. Wise, filled with energy and compassion, this book provides lots of ideas for job seekers, career changers, and retirees on how to find satisfaction in the world of work. Not sure of what you want to do? Ms. Bellows offers exercises and activities to help job and career seekers define goals, both personal and professional.

For those readers who have not articulated goals, Ms. Bellows gives lots of frameworks and steps for everyone to follow in developing plans. These can be used by those who are entering the job market (and who are perhaps overwhelmed), those who are seeking change, and retirees seeking a new focus.

One of the most appealing features of this book is Ms. Bellows’ focus upon individual life goals, including rewards that may well go beyond financial and status. The author validates all of these choices, and encourages them. “Champion Your Career” is a wonderful guide to making smart, well-planned, and meaningful life choices.

E.R., Amazon Customer

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