Dynamic Decision Making Strategies—Featured on Bublish

The following excerpt from Champion Your Career: Winning in the World of Work by Halimah Bellows MA, MS is now featured on Bublish at https://bublish.com/bubble/stream/11541?share=email.

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Author Insight

Decision-making is a process—a process that can be so short as to be almost instantaneous or one that can so completely involve your thoughts as to lead to paralysis. The process presented in this chapter of my book will enable you to select the appropriate strategy for various situations step by step.


Book Excerpt

  1. The first step is to recognize that a decision is necessary. Understanding the need for a decision and the time of that decision is a vital part of the process. Must the decision be made immediately or can it be deferred while information is gathered and various options are defined and considered? Sometimes it is wiser to wait—sometimes it is wiser not to decide.
  2. The second and very critical step is to define the situation. This involves defining the purpose for the decision and establishing the desired goal and objectives. Quite often, how you defining the situation will automatically determine the decision that will be made.

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