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For job-seekers committed to reinventing themselves, you can now have the convenience of the Career Quest Cards on your phone.  Instantly download on any connected iPhone, Kindle Fire or Android device.  The app provides a distillation of 30 key career-coaching exercises in a colorful, fun, easy-to-use format designed to enable busy users to take it with them on the go as they explore possible paths to career success.

Mid-life professionals making career transitions, recent college graduates without a clear career direction, retirees embarking on a new stage in their work lives, dissatisfied job-holders who have never before considered a real career–all can benefit from this powerful career-building tool. CAREER QUEST CARDS TM© provides an affordable alternative to paying for the cost of a career coach.  The app uses color-coding to enable individuals to work in a sequence that suits their own learning styles—random, by category or fast track. CAREER QUEST CARDS TM© also provides a notepad for tracking discoveries that users make about their values and preferences in the process of doing the exercises.

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line3“We’re continuing our series of useful phone apps – the ones that help your life and make it easier, rather than allowing you to be lazy and waste some time. This time, we’re looking at an app on the Amazon App Store, an app called Career Quest.

In school, from the moment we start our education we are only taught things that we can use in our careers. Lessons upon lessons of what we should be able to do in the future, but there’s little to no knowledge about how you can actually go about putting that knowledge into practice. Career advice is, in my opinion, one of the most underrated services out there right now, and it’s exactly what Career Quest does great.

Career coaching sessions are usually very expensive. Naturally, they work better than this app, but they are, for the most part, done by professionals with years, even decades of experience in the field, with psychology degrees and tons of other credentials. If you feel like you are on the verge of making your decision, but you need just that little push to help you consider, then Career Quest is really an option worth taking into account. With a complete set of unique strategies that are designed to help you in your career transition.

The app is available on the App Store right now, doesn’t require a ton of permissions, and everybody who has tried it out so far speaks highly of it. Try Career Quest yourself!”

– Peter Yun

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“I like the versatility of using Career quest cards app and being able to glean the best of career search and development tools in a way that suits my needs; and is versatile in the way you can organize the exercises in a number of different ways. I also like using the interactive journal component to keep me in process. I have used this app bussing, breaks and in discussions with others to focus on how I can develop a career in a way that expresses my passion and is fulfilling. This app is nothing like any other I have seen. I especially like the color coded way the exercises are presented and organized in 5 categories of exercises, as I am a visual person. Halimah Bellows has created an app that provides a strategic and well thought out approach to job search and career development. You can take it for a test drive on your computer screen before purchase. Yes, I would highly recommend it for use by individuals, career coaches and teachers.”

– Drea

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